Tiger Cruise

Released 2004


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Duwayne Dunham
Hayden Panettiere (Heroes) plays Maddie Dolan, a girl who misses her dad. Her dad, Commander Gary Dolan played by Bill Pullman (Independence Day) cannot be around as much as Maddie would like as he is in command of a naval vessel. Maddie thinks she can convince her dad to give up his career and come home so she agrees to go on the 'Tiger Cruise' for friends and family of those serving on board her father's ship. But two days into the cruise on September 11, 2001, things change when the ship goes into high alert. Maddie gets to see her father's courage, honor, and commitment to his crew firsthand and discovers the importance of the sacrifices he makes to serve his country.
  • Excellent movie but pretty sad.

    Although I did love this movie, I thought it was so sad. She misses her dad and while I can understand that, he's got to do what he's got to do. And she has to deal with that. Also, the fact that this movie brings up 9/11 made it so much more sad. It had everyone dealing with everything the best they could, but most people couldn't keep it together. A nice yet sad message and very sad movie is basically all I have to say about it. I wish they would show this movie more, but I can kinda see why they don't too much.moreless
  • Had a pretty good message.

    This movie was a about a girl missing her father who is involved in the war. Then the thing that we all hate to think about September 11,2001. Disney probably thought that with this message it would be one of the best movies they ever made. It was decent and had a great message but it was really boring. No offense to all Tiger Cruise lovers. It had some good actors but not even that could same this DCOM. They haven't shown this movie in a while and i hope they kinda keep it that way. Hayden's brother was in this movie with her.moreless
  • Ok, this is about a girl with a father who's never really spent time with her. And apparently she's a navy brat, so she goes on a tiger cruise with him. She thought it was gonna be fun and bonding time, but trouble arises... overhead.moreless

    Okay, this is my favorite movie EVER. *O* I love Hayden Panettiere! She's so cool! And she was GREAT in this movie! also pretty! I loved the plot. it was awesome man! i wish i had it on DVD. i am definitely gonna give this movie a 10. who wouldnt? it was awesome and i am not gonna deny it. lol. :) my favorite character was that yappy girl who loves her aunt. haha. :D my favorite part in it was when the boy said he only wet his bed when he drinks a lot of sodam and then he started drinking a lot of soda. XD over all, this movie is AWESOME *A*moreless
  • Outstanding DCOM!!

    Tiger Cruise is a Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered on August 6, 2004. It stars Hayden Panettiere as Maddie Dolan. She did a fantastic job. She was just great. Bill Pullman plays her father, Cmdr. Gary Dolan. She befriends Tina, played by Bianca Collins, and Anthony, played by Nathaniel Lee, Jr. Hayden's little brother in real life is in this movie, also. His name is Jansen Panettiere and he plays Joey, a kid on board. Everyone in this movie does a great job, especially Hayden. So overall, I enjoyed this movie a lot and it is one of my favorite DCOMs ever made.moreless

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