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  • Trivia

    • When Bozz fights with Wilson in the barracks, kneepads can be seen under the stretched material of Wilson's fatigues. Elbow pads can also be seen on Wilson's left elbow through his open sleeve.

    • In the scene at the pistol range, Wilson challenges Bozz with a M1911 .45 pistol. After the encounter a SSG comments the pistol is "Jammed". It is not jammed. The slide is in battery so there is no stoppage of the weapon. It may be a misfire or a hangfire, but not a jam.

    • The characters are seen drinking Miller Lite. That beer was not introduced until 1975.

    • The actors had no trailers, make-up artists, hairstylists, chairs or any of the typical luxuries.

    • Even though this movie clearly establishes early on that it takes place at the real Ft. Polk, Louisiana, USA (including displaying a big, on-screen, entrance sign at the very beginning), all the sources of film data describing this movie state that it takes place at 'fictional' Ft. Lake, Louisiana, USA.

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    • Production budget - $10,000,000

    • Other production companies:

    • Filming locations:
      Camp Blanding, Starke, Florida
      Fort Blandings, Florida
      Jacksonville, Florida
      Starke, Florida

    • Tagline:
      The system wanted them to become soldiers. One soldier just wanted to be human.

    • Music:
      Sound Off
      Written by Willie Lee Duckworth and Bernard Lentz
      Sookie Sookie
      Written by Stephen Lee Cropper and Donald Covay
      Performed by Steppenwolf
      Barracks Guitar
      Written and Performed by Adam Kay
      I Want To Take Her Home To My Mama
      Written by Tory Kittles
      Performed by Tory Kittles and Rhynell Brumfield
      Looking For Charlie (Misery In Charlie Company)
      Written by Tory Kittles and Neil Brown, Jr.
      Performed by Tory Kittles, Neil Brown, Jr., Shemari Lewis and Rhynell Brumfield

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