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    • Leon Uris, upon whose best-seller this film was very freely based, was highly critical of it, perhaps because a version of the screenplay he had written was not used.

    • Yves Montand and Simone Signoret (who were married to each other) were approached about playing the roles of Andre and Nicole Devereaux in the film, but declined.

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    • This film had an extremely troubled production history. The script was still being written as the filming went on, and the ending favoured by Hitchcock proved unpopular with preview audiences, who also felt the film was too long. Hitchcock's original cut (running 143 minutes - it was the longest of all his films) was trimmed by about a quarter of an hour, and he filmed a completely new ending only a short time before the film's opening. He was dissatisfied with this, and a third ending was hastily cobbled together in the editing room from existing footage, a solution which occasioned a number of criticisms from reviewers. The film's video release restored the second ending, but the first ending, Hitchcock's preferred one, was not seen until the film's DVD release, over twenty years after Hitchcock's death.

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