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Christopher Smith (II)
Triangle is a mind-bending, time-warping psychological thriller starring one of the land-down-under's main attractions: Melissa George (Mulholland Drive, Home and Away, The Amityville Horror). Jess (Melissa George) tends to her autistic son Tommy with love and care. She is a patient mother, but a vacation is well overdue. When her friend, Greg (Michael Dorman) invites her to join him for a day of sailing, she accepts. But the seemingly perfect day becomes overcast with dark clouds and a violent storm capsizes the group's boat. Luckily, they find safety on a large ferry. But the environment on the ferry is very peculiar - there are no passengers, yet it appears as though there are. Jess hears footsteps, whispers, and even stumbles upon a table set with freshly prepared food in the dining hall. An inquisitive Jess tries to solve the mysteries behind these apparitions. Things reach a new level when she realizes events are repeating themselves. Triangle is a British-Australian film written and directed by Christopher Smith.moreless

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  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    Have you ever seen a movie that you really wanted to like, but didn't? Triangle has a really great cast and some very memorable scenes, but the story goes around in circles, to a point that's beyond Groundhog's Day, stopping at frustration. The story follows a group of friends that go sailing on a boat called the Triangle. While they are leaving from Florida, there is never any mention of the Bermuda Triangle. Everything is going well, when a sudden freak storm appears, capsizing the small vessel. As they hang onto the remains of the boat, they find a cruise ship passing by and hop on, but to their dismay, they find the huge ship to be empty. The story here is very cleaver and original, I was really into this film at first, however the Writer/Director, Christopher Smith, goes too far, making it one of those film, you really want to just be over and done with. Melissa George plays the lead and she was terrific. It's George's performance that kept me watching the movie, even after I had become bored with it. In Triangle, she's paired with a very young, Liam Hemsworth, in his first major film role. Even at the young age of 19, you can see just how good he is. Acting seems to come natural to him and after the Hunger Games series, I expect big things from him. Triangle is an extremely interesting idea, but it's not for everybody. It's one of those weird Science Fiction films that tows the line for a while, but ultimately goes too far, and becomes unusual to a fault.moreless

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