TVTV Goes To The Superbowl

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Movie: TVTV Goes To The Superbowl


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Irreverent video pioneers TVTV bring you football like you've never seen it before, including one of the earliest TV appearances for Christopher Guest, Bill Murray, Brian Doyle-Murray, and Harold Ramis. A remarkable document of the early days of the iconic American event, this documentary takes you behind the scenes of the 1976 Super Bowl X in Miami between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys. Featuring surprisingly candid insight into the NFL players who were given their own cameras and the creation of the biggest TV show of the year, it's both funny and revealing of the extremes surrounding American football culture and hype. The special features include additional improvisational outtakes featuring Christopher Guest, Bill and Brian Murray, and Harold Ramis, culminating in a pickup game between the CBS Superbowl Broadcast team featuring hall of famer Johnny Unitas with play-by-play by Phyllis George.moreless
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