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Twin witches, Camryn and Alex, have been reunited after 21 years, and saved the world of Coventry from the evil Darkness. The sisters now spend time getting to know each other and develop their magic. While Camryn enjoys the royal lifestyle, Alex is preparing for her new life in college. While darkness continues to be a threat, the sisters discover that their father, Aron, might actually be alive somewhere in the Shadowlands.
  • Teen witches saving the world.. AGAIN!!

    What a real good movie, as good as Halloweentown. This movie is great for Halloween, and times around October. I think they should do more than just one and town, I think they should lots and lots of these movies. I love them, and there really good. Why don't we see Taya and Tayera Mory (sorry for the misspelling) in Disney Channel expect Twitches series. I hope they get their own series on Disney Channel, because that would be awesome. This is Halo (You can call me TGH3) and this my review for the Twitches Series! Peace out - Halo (TGH3)moreless
  • i dont have much to say about this movie, but i want to voice my opinion for people who may not have seen this movie before.

    so, i never was really a fan of the first twitches, but when this one came out i decided i would watch it because i was home alone and bored. wow, what a waste of two hours of my life! the acting wasnt good, and i felt like they were trying to add some humor by making alex a total fool. the movie kind of contradicited the idea of them being togehter as sisters, because they arent in the same world for half the movie, and then the whole shadow lands thing is wierd, and you would think that the girls would have some sense to know that it was obviously phantos and not their dad, and the final battle is nothing but horrible special effects. long story short,dont watch this movie its not good.moreless
  • Twin witches start seeing a shadow in their daily lives, and it soon interfears in ways they couldn't even imagine.

    Very good. I hate to say it, but I really didn't expect it to be this good. I haven't even seen the first one yet, but you can be sure I will. I really enjoyed following their adventures, and I thought it was above adverage. I would basiclly recommend it to anyone, but excepically people who enjoy fantesty, adventure, action, or spells. :) The list could go on and on about everything good they do in the movie, and the list of the things they did badly or poorly would be very, very short and limited. The actors and actresses, for me, did a very good job and I would rate it 'two thumbs up'.moreless
  • ok

    Although it was better than the first Disney over advertised it with the commercials, and the show was kind of just an opener for its new show Wizards of Waverly Place. Anyway just after the "twitches" have finished defeating the dark spirits they are to do it again for they are back. Twitches too has a little bit of "romance" in it, which was really strange. I give it a 5.7 since it was better than the first, and since there was more, no some action in this one unlike the first. Just please Disney don't make another one of these for a lame excuse to open up a new show and say its going to be so good.moreless
  • It was totally awesome!

    Yes, yes, YES! Twitches Too has finally premiered! I was really excited to know that they were making a sequel for the movie. I have to admit that the second movie of Twitches was way more exciting than the first movie. But, that makes you want to know more, right? I really liked the movie because it had tons of comedy. I would NEVER expect Ileana and Karsh to get married, though. But, it was really romantic. And, I was really surprised to know the fact that Camryn and Alex's father was alive. Although, I was very happy to know that he WAS still alive. Can you believe that Karsh's mom is a donkey? Not that there is anything wrong with... Karsh's mom being a donkey, I really enjoyed that part. The most akward part about it was, Karsh's mother was going to begin a book club with Camryn's stuck up maid. Anyway, I really, really, loved the movie, and I hope they make a Twitches Three.moreless

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