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Stuart Gillard
Twin witches from a different dimension get separated at birth to two different families at another dimension. Soon they get reunited at their 21st birthday. Together they discover they possess magical powers, and are called upon to act in a parallel universe known as Coventry where they should defeat the force of darkness.
  • Twin witches save both worlds from evil.

    This movie rocked. The thought of travelling to a magical world just by stepping into a closet is so cool! I guess I have a weakness for magical stuff like fairies, elves, witches, warlocks, spells, talismans, staffs, dragons, etc. And speaking of talismans I love those necklaces those twin girls were wearing. But not as much as the one their biological mother was wearing, because it's so hard to choose between a sun necklace and a moon necklace. Plus her sun and moon necklace is like a symbol for unity like the girls had to work together as one to defeat the darkness.moreless
  • i loved the movie its very good i love to look at it . i think its so nice an good for kids and a lot o people i know love this movie . i remeber when it first came out i couldnt wate till it came on i was so ready for it i didnt know watt to do i love itmoreless

    i loved da movie its so good. that i would look at it one time a week if i had to an the girls made it so nice, and so cute every thing look so like the dome i just loved thisd movie i dont know watt to say . . . . . . is that i know for a facked is that i liked it an . . . . . no one can or can`t tell me or you any this else . . . . i know every one in it and i loved it .moreless
  • Twin witches saving the world.

    What a real good movie, as good as Halloweentown. This movie is great for Halloween, and times around October. I think they should do more than just one and town, I think they should lots and lots of these movies. I love them, and there really good. Why don't we see Taya and Tayera Mory (sorry for the misspelling) in Disney Channel expect Twitches series. I hope they get their own series on Disney Channel, because that would be awesome. This is Halo (You can call me TGH3) and this my review for the Twitches Series! Peace out - Halo (TGH3)moreless
  • This movie is going to become a Disney classic someday. I hope.

    Alex and Camyrn living two very completely different lives. Camyrn's rich, and has everything she could possibly want. Alex is crashing on her best friend's couch, after her mother is killed. But the girls have one thing in common. A mother, and powers. This movie is based on the best selling Scholastic series of books, but it's got a fresh look, and great acting. Tia and Tamara Mowry were the perfect choice for twins. It works out well. I liked the effects in this movie as well as the costumes, and casting choice. Disney Channel did well. And I am looking forward to the sequel this Friday, Twitches Too.moreless
  • its about these twins and they don't know that each other exists until one day their guardians illiana and karsh decide that they should meet and then they find out about thier destiny and the fact that they have to save coventry island from the darknessmoreless

    this is a great movie it is up there with charmed in my book. it just takes me to another world and i soak up every minute of it. i just love fantasy and if im looking for a supernatural gorge i either go to twitches or i go to charmed but either one fixes my craving. the first night that i saw it was comomg out i got my grandma to tape it for me and now that i have started my job i am going to buy it as soon as i get my paycheck. well thats my reviewmoreless

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