Until the End of the World

Released 1991


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Movie: Until the End of the World


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Academy Award-winner and Golden Globe-nominee William Hurt ("Syriana," "The Village") and Emmy and Golden Globe-nominee Sam Neill ("Jurassic Park," "The Piano") star in this futuristic romantic odyssey. It's a story about a man's obsessive search to complete a fascinating invention; a woman's reckless pursuit of a mysterious stranger; the interlocking fortunes of a group of people who become involved in a worldwide quest; and the changes that mankind must face and overcome if civilization is to survive into the next century. The provocative framework of the tale is further enhanced by an international musical score featuring many of today's cutting-edge musicians, including U2. Co-starring screen legend Jeanne Moreau ("Ever After," "La Femme Nikita") and Academy Award, Emmy and Golden Globe-nominee Max Von Sydow ("Minority Report," "The Exorcist").moreless
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Drama, Science Fiction


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