Violent City

Released 1975


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In A City Set To Explode, One Man Has Just Lit The Fuse. After a bloody double-cross leaves him for dead, professional hit man Jeff (Charles Bronson) tracks the shooter and his beautiful mistress (Jill Ireland) to New Orleans. But when Jeff takes both revenge and the woman, he finds himself blackmailed by a powerful crime boss (Telly Savalas) who wants the fiercely independent gunman to join his organization. Jeff refuses, and is hunted through an unforgiving city where love is like a loaded gun and debts of vengeance are paid in bullets. This is no ordinary Bronson movie. Packed with savage action and a shocking twist ending, VIOLENT CITY (also known as THE FAMILY) is directed by Sergio Sollima (THE BIG GUNDOWN) from a fast-paced screenplay co-written by Lina Wertmuller and features a remarkable score by the legendary Ennio Morricone. This presentation of VIOLENT CITY is complete and uncut featuring scenes omitted from all previous English language releases. Because these restored scenes were never dubbed into English, they are presented here in Italian with English subtitles. For more information, please see reverse side of cover sleeve.moreless
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Action & Adventure, Drama


70s, Crime