Wedding Wars

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Wedding Wars

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Wedding Wars takes a lighthearted look at the issue of gay marriage starring John Stamos and Eric Dane. Shel (John Stamos), a gay wedding planner, is asked to plan the wedding of his brother Ben (Eric Dane) and fiancée Maggie (Bonnie Somerville), who is the daughter of the Governor of Maine (James Brolin). When Shel finds out that his brother Ben is the campaign manager for the governor and is behind the governor’s speech against gay marriage, he goes on strike. Little does Shel know that his little fight for equal rights will pick up steam and sweep the nation and leave Ben and Maggie with a tacky wedding planner.
  • Wedding Wars is definitely a TV movie that has it all, comedy, drama and reality. It clearly depicts all the aspects of human nature, love, anger and forgiveness.

    Wedding Wars is one of the greatest TV movies of all time. It\'s about 2 brothers, one is straight and one is gay. The straight brother (Eric Dane) is about to get married and his gay bro (John Stamos) is the wedding planner. The issue started when the fictional governor of Maine (James Brolin) announced that he is against gay marriage. So Shel (John Stamos) went out of his way to picket at the front yard of the governor and called on all gays to join him in his stand for gay marriage. And indeed the gays of America left their respective workplaces and went on strike. It was indeed a riot when they did this. Equally outstanding in their performances were Sean Maher (who played Ted), the love interest of Shel (John Stamos) and Bonnie Sommerville (who played Maggie), the fiancee of Ben (Eric Dane). You still have a chance to watch WEDDING WARS tonight(Dec 16) on the A&E channel.moreless
  • Wedding Wars is a smart, funny and surprisingly touching look at the battle over gay marriage. It's irreverent, refreshing, and perfectly timed!

    When I heard that John Stamos was going to be playing a gay man in a new A&E movie, I was a bit perplexed. Stamos normally plays the macho alpha male...could he play a convincing gay man? Yes...why yes he can! His performance as Shel, a party planner, is some of his best work, ever. He's sexy and vulnerable, funny and earnest all at once. It would be really easy for this movie to teeter over the line from slightly campy to really silly, but Stamos helps keep the movie in balance.

    Starring opposite Stamos is the always delightful Eric Dane as Shel's brother, Ben. Ben is a rather uptight campaign manager for Maine's fictional Governor, Conrad Welling (played masterfully by James Brolin). Ben also happens to be engaged to the Governor's daughter, Maggie (played by Bonnie Somerville). While planning Ben and Maggie's wedding, he discovers that Ben wrote the Governor's speech in favor of constitutionally banning same-sex marriage. The resulting battle mirrors the real-life battles being waged over this issue, but is a lot funnier. It's cliché to say that this movie has a lot of "heart," but that's exactly what it has. A lot of that heart is provided by Sean Maher as Shel's boyfriend Ted, who isn't quite sure how he feels about the whole situation.

    Without belittling the issue of same-sex marriage, Wedding Wars is able to take a complex and controversial subject and looks at it with humor and warmth. Don't miss it!moreless
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