Weekend Explorer Durango, Colorado

Released 2005


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Movie: Weekend Explorer Durango, Colorado


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Episode HighlightsTake a historic train to the picturesque old mining boom town of Silverton, enjoy a cooling splash while careening down river whitewater rafting, soar like an eagle over the Rockies in a glider, jump off the same cliffs as Paul Newman and Robert Redford in ,Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 0/00 mountain bike in a spectacular scenic wilderness area, hit the trail on horseback through fields of countless wild flowers, explore the unique and fascinating cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park, and relax in a natural hot spring once popular with stars like Marilyn Monroe. Series DescriptionJoin the adventure as Emmy awarded host Jeffrey Lehman takes you to incredibly scenic travel destinations around the world in this award winning series. Each episode features a unique destination's best kept secrets and traditional landmarks. Shot in state of the art 1080i High Definition, the series airs on over 210 PBS stations nationwide, HBO in Europe, Delta Airlines In-flight, and elsewhere.moreless
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