What A Carve Up

Released 1961


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Movie: What A Carve Up


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What A Carve up, also known as No Place Like Homicide, is a 1961 terror film released by New World Films. Two friends Sid (Sid James, Bless This House, Hancock's Half Hour, Citizen James) and Ern (Kenneth Connor, 'Allo, 'Allo) are called to a will reading as Ern's great uncle Gabrielle has died. They have to travel to Yorkshire where their destination leads them to a spooky old mansion house which was owned by the late Uncle Gabrielle. During the reading of the will, all the guests who are Ern's other relatives are told they are not going to inherit anything. The guests are all very disappointed but realize that they will have to spend the rest of the night at the house as there is no way of getting home until the morning. Then, suddenly, during the night the guests start getting killed off one by one - but who is the killer? Featuring a young Donald Pleasance (Halloween).moreless
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Comedy, Horror, Suspense


Classics, Murder & Mayhem, Cult, Parody & Spoof