Which Way is Up?

Released 1977


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Which Way is Up? is a full-length movie about a migrant farm worker that moves to the big city and finds his way into trouble. Richard Pryor plays 3 different roles in this crude 70's comedy that tries to be nothing more than hilarious. Leroy Jones (Pryor) picks oranges for a living, but is fired when he mistakenly starts a worker's strike during a demonstration. Lack of financial prospect and threat of murder forces a move to Los Angeles, where ironically, he manages to secure a cushy job for the same company. More irony persists as he falls in love with a Labor Organizer (Lonette McKee), and at once, Leroy is living a double life, splitting time between her and his wife (Margaret Avery). The love triangle is stretched to ridiculous heights when Leroy finds out that Reverend Lenox Thomas (Pryor) has impregnated his wife back home in his absence. Leroy's father (Pryor) also manages to get a few words in, so rest assured, the laughs keep coming. Situational mishaps and the comedic genius of Pryor in the prime of his career make this raunchy, offensive, showcase a real gem.moreless
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