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Ron Howard

A dwarf reluctantly agrees to go on a dangerous quest to protect a baby from an evil queen who is using all her sorcery to locate the child. On Willow's journey he encounters both foe and friend, the latter of which prove invaluable on his quest.


Metacritic Score

  • 63

    Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert

    Its pacing is too deliberate, and it doesn't have a light heart. That's revealed in the handling of some characters named the Brownies, represented by a couple of men who are about...

  • 63

    Miami Herald Bill Cosford

    It's fluffy stuff, lovingly made and instantly forgettable. [20 May 1988, p.5]

  • 50

    Chicago Tribune Dave Kehr

    Directed by Ron Howard and produced by George Lucas, the film seems to mark the final paroxysm of a genre-the big-budget fantasy-adventure-that dominated American filmmaking for a ...

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (3)

    • Rool: We'll never keep up with those horses.
      Franjean: Then we will have to track them.
      Rool: That would take forever. besides, even if we find them, they'll catch us, stick us in cages, torture us and finally devour us.
      Franjean: Are you suggesting we go home.
      Rool: Nah, this is more fun.

    • Willow: What are you doing?
      Madmartigan: I found some black root. She loves it!
      Willow: Black root? I am the father of two children and you never ever give a baby black root.
      Madmartigan: Well, my mother raised us on black root. it's good for you. Puts hair on your chest. Doesn't it, sticks?
      Willow: Her name is not sticks. She's Elora Danan, the future empress of Tir Asleen. And the last thing she's gonna want is a hairy chest!

    • Madmartigan: Well that was really stupid, peck.
      Willow: Don't call me a peck.
      Madmartigan: Oh, I'm sorry... peck. peck, peck, peck, peck.
      Willow: You be careful! I'm a powerful sorcerer. See this acorn? I'll throw it and turn you to stone.
      Madmartigan: Whoo. I'm really scared. No, don't! Don't. There's a peck here with an acorn pointed at me!
      Willow: Oh, I wouldn't want to waste it.
      Madmartigan: Ha! Peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Production Budget - $35,000,000
      Domestic Gross - $57,269,863 (14th)

      Domestic Adjusted for 2013 - $113,703,670

    • Other production companies:
      Imagine Films Entertainment

    • Filming locations include:
      Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire
      Lemsford, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire
      Burney, California
      Gwynedd, Wales
      Southland, New Zealand
      Otago, New Zealand
      Central Plateau, New Zealand

    • Taglines:
      1. Adventure doesn't come any bigger than this.
      2. Forget all you know, or think you know.
      3. A world where heroes come in all and adventure is the greatest magic of all
      4. Beyond Good... Beyond Evil... Beyond your wildest imagination...

    • Academy Awards Nominations:
      1. Sound Editing
      2. Visual Effects


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