World War Z

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  • Effective and disturbing but its kind of all been done before.

    As in the entire idea of a zombie film is no longer the grab it used to be for fans of horror films. Despite that, the use of 3D makes this film more watchable had it just been available in regular 2D. Brad Pitt returns to the screen after being away for a bit and does a good job in this movie which does have some powerful acting in it here and there. You might find yourself disagreeing with the way certain scenes were shot-as in at one point there is a huge struggle to get from one part of a building to another part of a building-considering that the building in question is basically on the ground level and there are no obstacles outside did seem a bit strange-and in another scene someone detonates a grenade on a plane-and expects it to keep flying afterwards-as in such a thing would likely cause a plane to split in two halves at the very basically a typical summer film that doesn't really make a heck of a lot of sense when you think about it but its a good escape from the summer heat.
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    When the first World War Z book was published it took young readers by storm and climbed to the top of the New York Times Best Sellers list. It was destine to become a movie, especially now, with the popularity of zombies, but ultimately, the highly anticipated film fails to deliver anything different. . Employee, Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), is out with his family when a recently discovered virus hits the United States and all hell breaks loose. The first 45 minutes of this film were literally like the pilot of The Walking Dead. No one knows what's going on, people are panicking, it was all very predictable. The film does go into a different direction after that, but how many different ways of doing a zombie film are there? Lane starts traveling the world seeking a cure for the disease, while at the same time trying to avoid being attacked. The unfortunate fact is that no matter how good the acting or the writing, there is very little you can actually do with a zombie film. The zombies and the circumstances behind the outbreak are always a little different, but ultimately it becomes about survival or the race to find a cure. Brad Pitt is terrific, and as I have been saying for year, it doesn't matter how good looking the guy is, he belongs in action films! This is the genre where he excels and even though World War Z was painfully predictable, Pitt makes it worth watching. He is the focus of the story and it takes a lot of quick thinking and tremendous stunts to keep him alive. For me that was the best part of the film. There was a lot of hype behind World War Z and it was a very intense film, but like I said, there is very little you can do with an end of the world/zombie film that hasn't been done over and over again. While some what entertaining, World War Z is ultimately just another copy cat.
  • Grinding My Gears

    Couldn't have been worse if they put Vin Diesel in it!

    The only thing this movie shared with the book, other than the title, was a few character names. Other than that, it was pretty weak.

    Was extremely disappointed by the choice to use fast "zombies". I use the term "zombie" loosely, as the creatures bit-and-ran rather than consume their victims. The speed and immediacy of the "zombies" to attack other victims should have resulted in this movie lasting about 15 minutes, as there's no way in heaven that mankind could assemble a response in such a short time period. Philly and Jerusalem essentially fell in 10 minutes.


    The end, and it's build up, was pathetic. For people who KNOW the "zombies" are attracted to noise, you'd think they could travel through the world health organization (WHO) facilitate without kicking, crunching, or banging into everything in the building.

    I still think one of the cable networks should have bought the rights to the book. They could have covered a different person's story from the book each week, and covered each of the parts in one-two season increments. Heck, they could even write original stories for the series.

    Alas, however, they chose to cater to the short attention span and addiction to CGI today's audiences seem to crave.

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