World War Z

Paramount Pictures Released 2012





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  • Effective and disturbing but its kind of all been done before.

    As in the entire idea of a zombie film is no longer the grab it used to be for fans of horror films. Despite that, the use of 3D makes this film more watchable had it just been available in regular 2D. Brad Pitt returns to the screen after being away for a bit and does a good job in this movie which does have some powerful acting in it here and there. You might find yourself disagreeing with the way certain scenes were shot-as in at one point there is a huge struggle to get from one part of a building to another part of a building-considering that the building in question is basically on the ground level and there are no obstacles outside did seem a bit strange-and in another scene someone detonates a grenade on a plane-and expects it to keep flying afterwards-as in such a thing would likely cause a plane to split in two halves at the very basically a typical summer film that doesn't really make a heck of a lot of sense when you think about it but its a good escape from the summer heat.

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