World War Z

Paramount Pictures Released 2012





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  • Grinding My Gears

    Couldn't have been worse if they put Vin Diesel in it!

    The only thing this movie shared with the book, other than the title, was a few character names. Other than that, it was pretty weak.

    Was extremely disappointed by the choice to use fast "zombies". I use the term "zombie" loosely, as the creatures bit-and-ran rather than consume their victims. The speed and immediacy of the "zombies" to attack other victims should have resulted in this movie lasting about 15 minutes, as there's no way in heaven that mankind could assemble a response in such a short time period. Philly and Jerusalem essentially fell in 10 minutes.


    The end, and it's build up, was pathetic. For people who KNOW the "zombies" are attracted to noise, you'd think they could travel through the world health organization (WHO) facilitate without kicking, crunching, or banging into everything in the building.

    I still think one of the cable networks should have bought the rights to the book. They could have covered a different person's story from the book each week, and covered each of the parts in one-two season increments. Heck, they could even write original stories for the series.

    Alas, however, they chose to cater to the short attention span and addiction to CGI today's audiences seem to crave.

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