Wreck-It Ralph

Walt Disney Animation Studios Released 2012


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  • Woah...

    This is literally the best movie i have ever saw! I love the quirkiness put into this movie (Vanellope) it has everything right up my alley, fun, quirky, and video games! I loved it and i love the ending it was so romantic and touching.
  • Best Movie About Video Games Ever!

    This is a movie for gamers done right. It has many classic characters in it like Sonic, Bowser, and Doctor Eggman. The source material for them is used well, despite the focus being on Ralph's quest to be a hero.

    Due to different styles of animation, many animators had to dumb themselves down because they were TOO skilled at animating. This type of dedication truly showed that the people working on this film wanted it to be good. They never said, "Oh it's just a kid's movie, just slap it together and they'll watch it" No they wanted this movie to be good and it showed.

    As a game collector I truly enjoyed this film and my favorite part of the movie was when the kids were playing Fix-It Felix Jr. and enjoying it calling it retro. While I do enjoy modern gaming, I also like retro gaming and I do believe kids should enjoy these games in real life because they were truly challenging and are still a big part of gaming history.
  • Great Audio/Visuals But

    The plot was kind of all over the place. Was not as nostalgic as I'd hoped I'd be. Still worth a watch in Bluray HD with a great surround sound system.

  • Il capaolavoro d'animazione tanto atteso.

    Questo stato il film d'animazione perfetto,un capolavoro fenomenale.
  • A Disney Classic That Will Never Be Forgotten....

    When I first saw this movie on opening day, I thought to myself it will be good. But I never knew it would be so good! It combines two things I like a lot: Movies and Video Games, what do you get when combined? Wreck-it-Ralph! My parents even love it, just like I do. A must-see disney movie everyone needs to see.
  • A Return to Retro

    Wreck-It-Ralph is about video games. Pure, simple video games. If you are a gamer like me, you will love this movie, understand every single reference, and laugh at most of the jokes. If not, you will not enjoy this movie nearly as much. The plot is about Ralph's quest to live a better life in his game through obtaining a medal. This movie has plenty of references for newer gamers and retro gamers, although you will get the most out of it if you were a retro gamer and still play games. I'd recommend this movie to any gamers and any non-gamers who are wiiling to explore a new universe.
  • This is an awesome movie, but I don't know how to explain the plot without spoilers.

    Nuff said

    I love how it has sonic, bowser, and dr. eggman etc. Just epic.
  • this movie is awesome :)

    This is Such a creative movie it was fun watching it and the writers did a good job
  • Surprise .. This movie is clever and fun !!

    I was really not expecting such a clever plot ! it really surprised me, lots of twists and very endearing characters, I really reccomend-it for people of all ages.
  • Amazing.

    Before I saw this movie, my favorite movie was Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Now, that movie is #2 thanks to this. This movie is just amazing. The plot is long, clever, and unique with some shocking twists. The music is very retro and brings back so much nostalgia. The art is just breath-taking. I love the characters. Ralph is hilarious and short-tempered and Vanellope is quirky and loveable, yet still one of the butt-kicking gals. I love how Felix is so weird and polite. Calhoun is funny in a violent way. The voices are unforgettable and this is, without a doubt, one of Disney's best movies. I'm definitely getting this when it comes out on DVD.

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