Wrong Mr. Johnson

Released 2009


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Carl Haber
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Veronika is a Czech girl from Prague in her 20's working as a secretary and living with her abusive boyfriend Vaclav. When Vaclav is arrested for stealing a computer from the office where she works, he's tossed in jail and she's fired. Desperate to find the money to spring him from jail Veronika asks her mother, who only offers her more abuse. After seeking advice from her priest she goes to see the only friend she can think of who could possibly lend her the money, a high-end call girl named Lucy.Lucy says she can't lend her the kind of money she needs, however she is willing to pass Veronika one of her clients, a guy coming in later today from America, a 'playful' businessman named Jim Johnson. Veronika responds with horror (she could never do something like that) but Lucy - hoping to get away to see her boyfriend in Amsterdam - works on her, and slowly but surely wears her down, lends her clothes and convinces her to go through with it.Veronika drives to the airport, drops Lucy for her flight to Amsterdam and goes to arrivals to meet the incoming American but she picks up the wrong Jim Johnson, an African-American jazz drummer of the same name, who has flown in to replace a musician fallen ill on a European tour and sees Veronika standing there holding a misspelled sign with his name on it. The sex-tourist who was supposed to be her client, delayed in customs after they discover some oddities in his suitcase, is instead picked up by a groupie named Sonya, sent by the concert promoter to fetch the drummer and who arrives somewhat late. The error goes undiscovered thanks to the fact that the Americans understand absolutely no Czech and the Czechs speak next to no English.moreless

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