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Wuthering Heights is the 1939 adaptation of the classic work of literature by Emily Bronte, released by Metro Goldwyn Mayer and co-adapted by Charles MacArthur (His Girl Friday, Gunga Din, The Front Page) and Ben Hecht (His Girl Friday, Notorious, Spellbound). The story opens with a weary traveler meeting up with a now-aging, hostile, and excitable Heathcliff (Laurence Olivier, Spartacus, Hamlet, Marathon Man), after the main action of the story is in the past. Unsettled by this strange man, the traveler is told Heathcliff's story by the housekeeper Ellen (Flora Robson). This begins with Heathcliff's childhood, and goes through his relations with the Earnshaw family and the Linton family. The heart of the story is his troubled romance with Catherine Earnshaw (Merle Oberon), whom he has known since being taken in by her family as a child. This relationship in turn leads to conflicts with most of the other characters, and affects the lives of everyone involved in profound ways.moreless
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