X-Men: The Last Stand

20th Century Fox Released 2006




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Brett Ratner

Picking up where the second one ends, mutants are still feared, Cyclops is devastated by Jean Grey's death and goes back to investigate the site where she disappeared, but, when Storm and Wolverine follow, they discover her unconscious body. She is different now, she's even more powerful but refers to herself as "the Phoenix" and is distant and mentally disrupted. Meanwhile a scientific cure is released to the world made from the blood of a mutant boy that can cancel out the mutant gene. Magneto wishes to kill the boy and prevent any mutant to go so low as to become human again. With Jean Grey unstable, both sides of mutants fight to control her unbridled power for the fate of man kind. Mutants will die, people will suffer, the X-Men will fight for our protection.

Metacritic Score

  • 70

    Los Angeles Times Carina Chocano

    Ratner seems to have found a theme that he can relate to: A terrifying trio of angry, undomesticated women who all but run away with the movie.

  • 70

    Variety Justin Chang

    The result, though it delivers only in fits and starts, is still sharper and more inventive than most comicbook-adapted fare, and eventually gets the job done as far as action buff...

  • 50

    The New York Times Manohla Dargis

    Mostly, as so often with these types of empty entertainments, you are left to wonder why companies that hire so many fine actors to run around under latex and foam and have the bes...

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

Logan (Wolverine)

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Ororo Munroe (Storm)

Ian McKellen

Ian McKellen

Eric Lehnsherr (Magneto)

Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen

Jean Grey (Phoenix)

Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin

Marie (Rogue)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Magneto: As long as the cure exists, our war will rage. Your cities will not be safe. Your streets will not be safe. You will not be safe.

    • Magneto: (speaking to Jean) Do you know what I saw when I looked at you? I saw the next stage in evolution, what Charles and I dreamt of finding.

    • Pyro: Careful with this one. Cane Marko. Solitary confinement. Now, check this out. "Prisoner must be kept confined at all times - if he builds any momentum, no object can stop him."
      Magneto: How facinating.

    • [Man on Speaker]: Where is Magneto? Raven. Raven, I asked you a question.
      Mystique: I don't answer to my slave name.
      [Man on Speaker]: Raven Darkholme. That's your real name, isn't it? Or is he convinced you don't have a family anymore?
      Mystique: My family tried to kill me, you pathetic meat sack.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Production Budget - $210,000,000
      Domestic Gross - $234,362,462 (4th)
      Worldwide Gross - $459,359,555 (7th)

      Domestic Adjusted fro 2013 - $291,969,112
      Worldwide Adjusted for 2013 - $572,270,835

    • Production Companies:
      Marvel Entertainment
      Ingenious Film Partners
      The Donners' Company
      Dune Entertainment

      Major Studio Partners
      X3 Canada Productions

    • Filming locations:
      British Columbia, Canada
      San Francisco, California
      Colwood, British Columbia, Canada
      Santa Clarita, California
      Delta, British Columbia, Canada
      Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
      Vancouver Film Studios, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
      Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

    • Taglines:
      1. Whose Side Will You Be On?
      2. Take a Stand.
      3. Evolution will make a last stand.

    • Filmed with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio.


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