Zero Dark Thirty

Columbia Pictures Released 2012


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  • Giving further insight and intensity to what we've seen on the news

    Kathryn Bigelow is arguably one of the best war film directors of all time and with Zero Dark Thirty, her cinematic synopsis of the decade-long hunt on Osama bin Laden, she has realised yet another mesmerising portrayal of real-live events.

    The film captures a timespan of almost ten years, beginning with actual recordings of the September 11 attacks over a black screen and ending with the killing of the Al-Qaeda leader and as such, it is understandably long more than two and a half hours long to be precise. From a realistic perspective, this seems only reasonable if Bigelow wants to authentically recreate the many years of failure and despair in the famous manhunt through almost every shot lingering on for a couple of seconds and an immense lot of bureaucracy. From a filmmaking perspective however, trimming or excluding some parts and omitting at least a handful of the estimated 200 characters would have been very helpful. This didn't happen and therefore the result is nerve-rackingly boring at times, but Bigelow mostly manages to overcome this with a brilliant acting cast, several of them getting a chance to prove all their dramatic talent, and a phenomenal Jessica Chastain in the leading role.

    What's additionally beneficial for Zero Dark Thirty is its way of handling the controversial source material: the inhumane "enhanced interrogation methods" by the CIA are fittingly dreadful to watch, as long as you aren't an uber-patriotic racist, you won't find solace or even joy in the ending, and none of the characters of both parties are likable. And then there is the action. Going out on a limb, I'd say that the raid on bin Laden's hide-out will become one of the most iconic pieces of filmmaking of the 21st century, as it is just so masterfully crafted. The sequence goes on for about as long as it did in reality, which is some twenty minutes, and Bigelow really makes you feel as if you were there. The downright perfect sound, editing, and cinematography create a mood that has its audience sitting on the edge of their seat, even though they all know only too well how it's about to end, which is one of the biggest cinematic feats a director can achieve.

    Zero Dark Thirty is a highly important film one that suffers from its length and sloppy exposition that doesn't always make clear what has just happened, but one that gives further insight and intensity to what we've seen on the news.

  • Just, okay.

    By no means do I think that this is a work of being Simply, it is just a movie exploring the hunt of al-Qaeda. While the torture scenes were interesting, and controversial for whatever reason (my own old mother could watch it and not see anything that would spark a panic), that's like 1/3 of the movie. Another third is how they could track Osama. Talking to people, and desk work.

    Chastain is great in this movie, but the supporting characters are expendable and just there to be there and assist her in the hunt for al-Qaeda.

    The last 30 minutes seem to be buzzworthy. Yeah, it's suspenseful, but same with tons of other movies which can generate just the right about of suspense for me as well, so it's nothing special.

    I would watch it once just to watch it, but I'm not going to re-watch it again because it is such a "great

  • Great performances, amazing sound design

    There were so many brilliant decisions made in this movie, but starting with a black screen over a minute's worth of sounds from 9/11may have been the best. No need to replay the images we've seen a thousand times.

    Letting Jessica Chastain carry the film also produced the best end result even though many filmmakers would be tempted to widen the narrative to include the politics surrounding the events. Every moment she's on screen, she's working on one objective and the resulting buildup of frustration and tension is amazing given we already know the ending of the story. Cutting away from Chastain for much of the final third of the film is equally brilliant, as it gives center stage to one of the best action scenes ever filmed and one that we've been excited to see for the last year. Absolutely worth seeing it on the big screen while you can.

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