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    So I am trying to remember a show that was either on discovery or national geographic a couple years ago (as I remember). I'm also based up in canada so I don't know if it was only up here. The TV show had a female host and in every episode she would go places and learn about how the precious metals, gems, diamonds, etc... were mined for jewelry. Would go try out some of the mining. Then would bring her finds back to all the different stages in between to have it milled into a piece for jewelry and finally would have it made into some piece of actual jewelry. I really need to remember this show because a rare gem is mentioned in an episode and I want to surprise my 5 year girlfriend with it on a custom ring, but if I cant remember this show and I cant find it on google im doomed to never remember the name. I've searched online everywhere and this was not a commonly played show, nor is this a common gemstone, so anyone who knows what show this is please help! Thanks!!!

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