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Do you belive greenhouse gases are the cause of rising temperatures?

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    neon2farmer wrote:

    There is polution, and right now the temperature is higher( although, where I live in Canada, I belives it's going back to normal, especially now that it's winter) I belive that these organizations and governments are pulling a "bait and switch" manuver. There is more pollution in the air, and they tell us that is the reason for global warming. Then they say 250 million years ago species went extint because of global warming! Well, what? did too many dinosaurs drive Hummers? I think not. I also think That the world is too gullible , if anyone of authority says something, people will belive it, no matter how many people without authority tell people the truth.

    There, that feels better.

    You think that it is getting normal cuss it is winter what the hell are you smoking it is not normal any were it is colder in winter and warmer in summer do you not look at the news... And the government has nothing to do with making it worse they need to find a way to make it better you are crazy to think it is not man made global warming
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    There has been an increase in CO2 emissions since the Industrial Age - and obviously it enters the atmosphere. CO2 is only about 0.038% of the earth's atmosphere.

    So, yes there is man-made global warming but it is a very small fraction of a very small fraction of the earth's total atmosphere. Let's clean the environment and not exaggerate about man-made global warming. Take facts about the atmosphere AND record global freezing temperatures that are happening now into account.

    For more information on global warming just visit Global Warming Survival Center and you will get the great report on global warming and it's effect on environment.

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    yes I really think the the human are really responsible for the global warming, launching of satellite which fuels affect the ozone layer, day to day forest cutting, mountain blasting for atom bomb blasting in sea or underground its really affect the nature so I'm totally agree with that the men are really responsible for the global warming.
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    What a lot of you are forgetting/were never informed of is that the Earth has two little periods it swings back and forth from: glacial periods (or, Ice Ages) and interglacial periods (between Ice Ages). In glacial periods, there are large enough buildups of snow that they form giant, moving sheets (or Glaciers, obviously). Interglacial periods are a very noticeable warm period where the glaciers retreat all the way to the poles and high mountains, sometimes disappearing completely. The Earth began to move into an interglacial period about 11,400 years ago. There were no cars 11,400 years ago, nor factories, nor any sort of fossil fuel based technology of any kind. This is an often made point, but I'm going to keep going a bit further. The age of the Antarctic Ice Sheet, the largest of them all and the melting of which will allegedly cause the destruction of everything as we know it, is only 45.5 million years ago. This makes it younger than the dinosaurs. Much younger. The reason why it was formed at this time is unknown, beyond the obvious fact that "climate change" was going on. There was no meteor, no volcano, no giant swarm of SUVs. It just... happened... all on its own... caused a bit of a mass extinction, sure, but you couldn't really blame it on anyone. See the thing I don't really get is that to environmentalists, things don't ever just happen. To be quite honest, this entire "life" thing is a massive fluke. Earth is an inheriently unstable system and sometimes the scheisse hits the fan and things die off quite rapidly. 99.9% of all life is already extinct, and it is doubtful anybody will miss the .1% currently living. To be honest, I'm more worried about not being able to get into space before we really start running out of vital materials rather than this planet's biosphere. Look, if any sort of life is gonna survive, it'll be human life and anything we find useful. Everything else gonna die and probably die soon. That's just how the game goes, ppl. Nobody cried for the dinosaurs, nobody's gonna cry for the critters here now.
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    NineDaysDust wrote:
    See the thing I don't really get is that to environmentalists, things don't ever just happen.

    I don't see the environmentalists saying that. Just people like you saying that if something has "just happened all on its own" before, then if it's happening again it absolutely has to be on its own as well.

    Think of it this way. Eventually we're going to die. It's something that just happens all on its own. But a bullet in the forehead tends to speed things up a little. Just like pumping various things into the atmosphere will warm the planet up, even if it warms up on its own sometimes. If we'd rather not die right now, we avoid being shot, just like if we'd rather not deal with the consequences of a warmer planet, it's a good idea to stop doing things that are going to bring it about.
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