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    Several years ago, I was watching a true crime documentary show (on A&E, I think). I seem to remember that the show was Cold Case Files, but I have doggedly looked through the episode guide and I was unable to find anything like the episode. What struck me about it was how much it resembled a western, even though it took place in modern times.

    This burly, middle-aged man in a backwater town was an adult bully. He had everybody under his thumb. One man being interviewed described how he'd so easily make one feel like a pissant. Even though he frequently used beatings and even murder (there's a rumor that he tied a man to the railroad tracks) to enforce his reign of terror, the police could never find solid evidence on him, partly because he had so effectively terrorized the town. His notorietory, however, back-fired on him. A group of townspeople gathered at his favorite hang-out, a local bar. As he walked in, pretty much everybody in the bar pulled out a gun and unloaded on him. Since everybody in the bar was involved in the shooting, the police had no solid witnesses. I seem to remember that everybody in the bar claimed to have "ducked under the table" when the shooting happened.

    Does this sound familiar to anybody? Am I confusing it with another show? I'll appreciate any help.

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