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    Its a good thing I didn't have to work today because I could not pry myself away from the TV. I did fall asleep during the rescues of miners 4-9 during the wee hours of the night, but otherwise I was in there like they couldn't accomplish this thing without me. I just could not NOT be there. I held my breath each time that bullet appeared and I don't mind saying I shed a tear with each reunion as well. But I was at my most nervous for the last rescue worker, who quite literally was just plucked from the recesses 5 minutes ago. That hole down there can collapse now if it wants to!

    The reason for the fascination by the world will be the subject of many reporters, scholars and psychologists for some time to come I'm sure. But I know why I was captivated. You see, I would not have survived this ordeal. I am, unfortunately, usually convinced the glass is half empty, but I sure do relish the fact that there are far better/stronger human beings out there than me. And thank God 33 + 6 of them were all in Chile over the last 70 days.

    I'm ecstatic phase I of their ordeal is over, I wish them all well in phase II, and hope that in the rush to get THE story first, "journalists" and movie studios continue to treat the miners and their families with the same general courtesy media outlets used in their coverage over the last 24 hours; giving great consideration to the fact that these people deserve time, space and respect. They are not commodities. Not any more.

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