10 Great Baseball Cameos on TV

I love post-season baseball. The MLB playoffs are infused with just as much drama and tension as the TV shows that they kick off the air during the months of October and November. But fall isn’t the only time of year when baseball players take over our TVs. Ballplayers and skippers alike have been making cameos on prime-time television for years. Here are 10 of our favorite appearances—and, yes, most of them are Yankees on Seinfeld.

1. Keith Hernandez on Seinfeld. If you haven’t watched “The Boyfriend, Part 1” and “The Boyfriend, Part 2,” then shame on you! The two-part episode parodied the JFK assassination brilliantly—and made everyone think twice about taunting athletes from the stands.

2. George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld. After years of being portrayed by Larry David’s voice and the back of some guy’s head, Steinbrenner decided to show his actual face. Epic!

3. Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams on Seinfeld. These two all-stars took batting practice with George Costanza (Jason Alexander). Now that’s sportsmanship.

4. Paul O’Neill on Seinfeld. Speaking of sportsmanship, O’Neill deflected an ambush from Kramer (Michael Richards) in the locker room!

5. Ryan Howard on Entourage. Just last season, Howard gave Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) some flack for heckling him. Turtle should have watched Seinfeld!

6. Sparky Anderson on WKRP in Cincinnati. In the “”Sparky” episode, then-Cincinnati Reds manager Sparky Anderson was hired to host a radio show!

7. Joe Torre on Castle. Detective Beckett (Stana Katic) never loses her cool—unless she runs into Joe freakin’ Torre!

8. Wade Boggs on Cheers. In the first “Bar Wars” episode, Wade Boggs played a mysterious bar patron... who turned out to be Wade Boggs.

9. Mark McGwire on Mad About You. Jamie Buchman (Helen Hunt) sure had weird taste in men... first Paul (Paul Reiser), then Mark McGwire? Did she not recongize how hot she was?

10. Barry Zito on JAG. His fastball was lethal—literally.

Tell us your favorite baseball player cameos in the comments!

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