10 Halloween TV Treats

This week, most of your favorite TV sitcoms will take advantage of the Halloween season with themed episodes featuring your favorite characters dressed up in goofy costumes. To get into the spirit, we gathered up some of the more memorable moments from sitcom Halloween TV episodes. Check out these classic moments and be sure to let us know what your favorite moments were in the comments section below.

Freaks and Geeks

Judd Apatow's coming-of-age story of nerds and burnouts gave us one of TV's greatest costumes ever: Bill Haverchuck as The Bionic Woman.

How I Met Your Mother

The infamous slutty pumpkin episode features Neil Patrick Harris as Top Gun's Maverick and that's hot any way you roll it. And of course boring Ted Moseby would have the most boring costume ever.

The Cosby Show

Only sleeping bunnies could be as cute as Rudie dressed as a pumpkin.


Treat yourself to this entire episode if you have the time. Listen for weird sound effects when the gang is wandering through the costume shop, watch for Donna flopping around like an incompetent mermaid, and take heed of a very important moral lesson about not showing too much cleavage on Halloween.


There was a time when Sean Penn was on Friends and it was a good thing.

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News Radio

Thankfully, Dave Foley is never afraid to put on a dress and show off his incredible legs.

From Crackle: Halloween (Minisode)

My So Called Life

So much drama and angst packed into one little show and they sure didn't hold out on any of it for their Halloween episode. In this clip, watch for Danielle's uncanny Angela impression, more of Angela's patented forlorn look but this time with cute cat eye glasses, and Ricki dressed as Brian. (We realize MSCL isn't technically a sitcom, but felt this clip made the cut regardless.)


John Goodman with a chainsaw is actually quite terrifying.

That 70's Show

A lot is revealed about the complexities of these characters. Plus, Fez says, "Sugarbabies".

Facts of Life

You take the good, you take the bad, you give Mrs. Garrett a butcher knife and things get scary.

From Crackle: Halloween (Minisode)

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