13 Essential The Bachelorette Snapchat Accounts To Follow

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Social media is as big a part of The Bachelorette as the show itself. The stars and contestants interact with fans and each other in entertaining, attention-getting ways. And nowhere are they looser and more accessible than Snapchat! Bachelorette people love Snapchat, and so do you... So these are the 13 best Bachelorette Snapchat accounts to follow:

1. Kaitlyn Bristowe - snapbackbean
Kaitlyn Bristowe is responsible for one of the greatest Snapchat moments of all time (arguably second only to DJ Khaled getting lost on his Jet Ski), when she spoiled the outcome of her season by posting a Snapchat video of herself snuggling in bed with winner Shawn Booth while the season was still airing. Just for that, she's worth following. Plus, she's a charming, engaging presence on the app.

2. Shawn Booth - shawn_booth
Kaitlyn's fiancé mostly keeps his phone pointed at Kaitlyn as she dances or goofs off. It's cute.

3. JoJo Fletcher - jfletchaa
It's unlikely that the current Bachelorette will post anything juicy - thanks a lot, Kaitlyn - but she's worth a follow anyway just in case. And she has an adorable dog, so it won't be a total loss.

4. Jordan Rodgers - rogue11
JoJo's frontrunner isn't super active on Snapchat these days, which is good for ABC, since he's probably the one more likely to post something compromising up... If his chatty Twitter account is an indicator.

The notorious villain Chad's Snapchat is humanizing, showing what's important to the man behind the muscles: his little dog, making goofy jokes and talking trash... And of course meat. Lots and lots of meat.

6. Alex Woytkiw - hahayq
Alex - who seems to be doing the Louis C.K. thing of using a phonetic alphabetic rendering of his difficult-to-pronounce last name - is very active and accessible on Snapchat. If you ask him for a birthday shoutout, he just might do it. Also he has two adorable Weimaraners, and Snapchat is the best social media platform for dogs.

7. Ali Fedotowsky - alifedotowsky
The sixth Bachelorette mostly uses Snapchat to give updates on her pregnancy these days.

8. James Taylor - jimbonator89
It's no surprise that the most playful guy on JoJo's season's Snapchat is funny and lighthearted. The musician documents life on the road in his snaps.

9. Luke Pell - lucaspell
The man who I predict will be the next Bachelor mostly posts slice-of-life snaps about working out or what music he's listening to. His Snapchat presence is suitably laid-back.

10. Wells Adams - wellsadams
The low-key, best guy on JoJo's season is also the best of her suitors on Snapchat. First of all, he has a beautiful bloodhound named Carl. Second of all, he's funny. He's good at making fun of Chad.

11. Christian Bishop - mrchrisbishop
Christian didn't last very long on JoJo's season, but his Snapchat shows that he should have gotten more screen time, because he's charming and does interesting stuff and frequently shows off his superheroic physique.

12. Tanner Tolbert - ttolbert05
Tanner appeared on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season, but he's best known for meeting and marrying Jade Roper on Bachelor In Paradise. He likes to share cute photos of Jade and their dog.

13. Lauren Bushnell- lauren_bushnell
This is a slight cheat, since Lauren was never on The Bachelorette, but her fiancé, Ben, was on Kaitlyn's season, and they share this account. Her snaps do more to show her personality than The Bachelor ever did, and they give insight into Ben's character as well.

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