2 Broke Girls: Best Friends Forever (Again)

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2 Broke Girls S01E20: “And the Drug Money”

Firstly, if you haven’t already heard the news, CBS went ahead and renewed 2 Broke Girls while the show was on hiatus. Isn’t that delightful? Another season of ogling Kat Dennings’ chest. Also, vagina jokes. Who doesn’t love a good vagina joke?

Anyway, in last night's “And the Drug Money,” Max mocked a woman’s “registered emotional companion” dog in the diner, and then took on the role herself, staying near Caroline's side during a disastrous deposition concerning her father’s economic shenanigans. But FIRST, the broke girls took experimental drugs and peed a lot.

Well, to be fair, their roommate during the drug trial got the pee-a-lot side effect. Caroline’s tongue swelled up at the worst possible time. Max got off scot-free, which I’m sure was disappointing to her since prior to the drug trial she said that she was hoping for hallucinations. Better luck next time, lady.

You know, for an episode that seemed to dwell so much on the idea of emotional companions, I just wasn’t feeling it. Sure, Max stepped in when Caroline’s tongue swelled up, inhibiting her ability to finish her testimony, but it was the typical Max thing to do. This episode might have made a better point if it had perhaps aired in the beginning of the season, when the relationship between Caroline and Max had yet to be cemented into the "best friends forever" mold. At this point, the women are BFFs. We know that they’re BFFs. Having an entire episode dedicated to that idea this far after the fact feels kinda like we’re beating a dead whale to extra-death on a beach and the only way that’s going to end is with a faceful of stinky entrails.

So I clung to the Law & Order jokes because even though those got beaten to normal-death in a mere 22-minutes, they were at least a new genre of joke to flog on primetime television. Or at least, they were new to this particular show. Not to mention, the fact that guest-star Josh Pais, playing Caroline’s lawyer, Leo Hutchinson, has guest-starred on three Law & Order series, including a 16-episode stint on the original as Assistant Medical Examiner Borak. I suspected as much. I mean, Max was really throwing the Law & Order references out and those “Hey, aren’t you from (insert pop-culture reference here)” bits are only really funny if the subject of said joke has actually appeared in said show/movie.

“And the Drug Money” didn’t blow me out of the water and sadly, I didn’t even laugh that much. Even the standard raunchy wrongness seemed to be lacking this week and when storylines are bland, I turn to the raunchiness for laughs. Still, it had its moments. It was a sweet, slightly twisted (as most 2 Broke Girls episodes tend to be) affirmation of Max and Caroline’s dual roles as each others’ emotional companions. Maybe the writers thought we needed a reminder of that since this show has mostly been on hiatus since February.

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