2010's most shocking moments on Australian TV

We count down the top five most shocking moments on Aussie TV last year.

From premature acceptance speeches to political mishaps and injuries, these are the most memorable moments from 2010.

5. John Howard gets the boot

In 2010, viewers throughout Australia laughed (or cringed) as a dread-locked hippie guy hurled his boots at former Prime Minister John Howard on Q & A over the Iraq War. Keeping calm as the shoes flew past his head, Howard handled the situation the same way he once handled our nation's economy -- with minimum intervention. But with the shoe-thrower's lack of precision and aim, it's hard to decide who this incident was more embarrassing for -- the former PM or his "attacker".

4. The Man goes down

In this once-in-a-lifetime middleweight boxing event, The Contender Australia winner Garth Wood laid the smackdown on word-class champ Anthony "The Man" Mundine. Less than a minute into the fifth round, Wood ended Mundine's 17-match winning streak with a mean left hook to the temple. Following Wood's breakthrough bout, sports commentators called on Mundine to retire.

3. Australia's top live blunder

The live finale of Australia's Next Top Model saw host Sarah Murdoch announce the wrong girl as the winner in one of the year's biggest OMG moments. After giving her acceptance speech, 19-year-old Kelsey Martinovich was told that fellow contestant Amanda Ware had actually been voted 2010's winner by viewers during the live broadcast. Shocking both contestants and the live audience, Murdoch struggled to explain the mix-up before an audience of 2000 at Sydney's Luna Park, remarking that she had been fed the wrong information via her earpiece. Staying calm throughout the ordeal, Kelsey became a "winner" in her own right for her composure over the epic mistake and her grace in consoling an obviously-distraught Murdoch.

2. Oh, the Hugh-manity!

Unless you were living in a cave in December, you couldn't have missed "Action Jackman's" epic flying-fox stunt disaster during the filming of Oprah Winfrey's second Australian show. Shocking the live audience, Hugh Jackman cut his eye on some light rigging, while sliding down a zip-line from the Sydney Opera House to an outdoor stage where The Oprah Winfrey Show was being filmed. After some brief paramedic attention, he returned to the stage sporting a below-the-eye bandaid and everything was kosher (or Vegemite sandwiches).

1. The 7:30 Report meltdown

The lead up to last year's federal election saw The 7:30 Report host Kerry O'Brien rip into Opposition Leader Tony Abbott over his inconsistent tax policy proposal. Called out on a pretty big slip-up, this fairly heated interview surely tarnished Tony's straight-talking reputation in the eyes of the voting public. Caught with his Speedos pants down, O'Brien got Tony to say that you couldn't trust what he said unless they were "carefully scripted remarks".

Do you agree with our list? What shocked you on TV in 2010? Sound off below!

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Jan 27, 2011
other to but on is the green fight or what was ment to be a fight
Jan 17, 2011
Thanks b, can't believe we forgot this one - we've now adjusted our list to include the epic blunder!
Jan 14, 2011
Here's another one: what about when Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner on Australia’s Next Top Model? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_OowbhjJXE

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