2014 TV Premiere Dates: Your Everything Guide to the Summer Schedule

Everyone always makes a big deal about the fall television schedule, but did you know that television still happens in the summer? If you don't believe us, check out our handy-dandy interactive summer schedule, which is loaded with premiere dates for all the new and returning shows airing on broadcast and cable during these warm months. You can sort through the pile by weekday, network, or returning-versus-new status, or you can save yourself the trouble of rummaging for something good by searching for our editors' picks. (And speaking of those editors' picks, don't forget to check out our lists of the 10 new summer shows we're most excited to see and returning shows you should totally catch up on!)

So: What will YOU be watching this summer?

Please give the module a few seconds to load, it's a heavy one!

Editor's Note #1: If you click the "follow" button next to any given show, it will: 1. add that show to your "following" list (which you can access via the dropdown menu in the upper righthand corner of the site, next to your user name), 2. add that show to a personalized listings module on the TV.com homepage, and 3. add you as a member of the corresponding show community (if it exists), which means you'll see posts about the show in your community feed.

Editor's Note #2: Currently, our module only displays shows that have definite premiere dates—that's why you won't find shows like BBC America's Intruders, or HBO's The Newsroom (which is expected air its final season this summer, though we don't know exactly when) in the list above. We DO expect them to debut/return in the near future, but until they're officially on the schedule, they won't appear in the widget.

Editor's Note #3: If you think you've found an error or notice that we've missed a particular series, please (politely!) let us know in the comments.

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