24 is going to NYC

If Jack Bauer can make it there, he can make it anywhere.

Producers for the hit Fox series 24 confirm they have been in talks with New York city officials about filming "some" of season six there. While no plot details have been revealed, executive producer Joel Surnow tells TV Guide's Michael Ausiello that plans are in the works for Bauer to visit the city that, like Bauer, never sleeps.

"We are in conversations about shooting some stuff in New York for [next] season," Surnow said.

If the show ends up moving to New York, it would mark the first time that Kiefer Sutherland's explosive federal agent would save a city other than Los Angeles (which needs saving, to be sure). In the previous five seasons, Bauer and CTU--the Counter Terrorist Unit--have had 24 hours to knock out nukes, vaporize viri, and bust baddies in and around the Los Angeles basin region.

It's unclear how the real-time concept of the show could handle a bicoastal adventure, or if the entire season would be filmed in New York. At the end of season five, Jack was literally "Shanghai'd" aboard a cargo ship by vindictive Chinese government agents, but show-runners already said there is no way they could work a Chinese kidnapping plotline into next season's 24-hour deadline.

In April, Sutherland and the show execs signed up for three more seasons of the series, and plans are underway for a 24 film. Fox has ordered a script, and if ratings for season six remain high, the movie is scheduled to be filmed between seasons six and seven.

Surnow also told Ausiello that fans can expect a return visit from the disgraced President Logan, played by Gregory Itzin, and his feisty wife, Martha, played by Jean Smart.

"We love them," he says. "We certainly want to try to bring them both back...they were just such fabulous characters for us."

The fifth season of 24 saw ratings increase 14 percent and featured Jack Bauer wearing a man-purse. If you missed out on it, reruns begin tonight on Fox, at 8 p.m.

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