24 producer admits season six flaws

In the most recent crop of weekly television ratings from Nielsen Media Research, there weren't many surprises. American Idol and House continued to boost Fox, taking the top three spots of the period's most watched shows. However, a one-time Fox juggernaut, 24, wasn't near the top. In fact, it wasn't in the top 20 at all.

The thriller has run into some problems this season--its sixth--and has seen a drop off in both ratings and positive fan fervor. Instead of pointing fingers outward and pinning blame on others, the show's co-executive producer, David Fury, copped to a season that hasn't been as sharp as past seasons--particularly the Emmy-award winning fifth season.

A Los Angeles Times article earlier this week described the disappointment of the show's fans, and Fury responded.

"It's been a very tricky year for us, it's been very difficult," Fury told TVWeek.com in a podcast. "This is year six on the show...you try to keep things interesting, find new ways to tell the story, and unfortunately we wound up repeating ourselves somewhat."

He added, "Sometimes we make the right decisions, sometimes we don't. I would still claim that regardless of the quality drop off, what people are saying about it, the show is still very strong and still one of the best things on television."

Fury and the rest of the 24 crew certainly had their work cut out for them in season six. The previous two seasons are considered by many to be the best of franchise.

"In the early seasons of 24, [the writers tried] to map out stories and arc out stories [beforehand] a little bit more than they did, say in seasons four and five, and four and five turned out to be two of most successful seasons. It just so happens that maybe this year it's caught up with us."

As for next year, the writers will try to avoid the problems that have come about with the current season by fusing the two writing methods they've employed in the past.

"[Seasons four and five] were two seasons where we were just winging [the writing]," Fury said. "As for as next year, I think you are going to see a little bit more of a mixture of those approaches. We're going to figure out a little bit more, so we don't find ourselves running into [the same problems as season six]. They'll be a little more groundwork done. We're already talking about next season, and we've got a lot of great things planned."

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