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24's Reiko Aylesworth gets Lost

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Reiko Aylesworth played Michelle Dessler, federal agent and BFF of Jack Bauer, for several seasons of Fox hit 24--and dated series star Keifer Sutherland in real life. Now the actress is negotiating with ABC over a role in Lost's upcoming fifth season, which will begin in early 2009. .

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Aylesworth will take the role of Amy, a beautiful and outdoorsy woman who'll quickly become a love interest for one of Lost's leading men. We hear that she'll be around for at least four episodes, but perhaps we'll see even more of her if that love affair proves viable.

Now that we know Aylesworth is joining the cast, the only question left is which of those island-bound hotties will win her heart this season? Let's hear your ideas below!

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