30 more days added to FX schedule

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The FX Network has picked up a second season of Super Size Me documentarian Morgan Spurlock's television series 30 Days . The experimental reality show follows people who leave their familiar lives and live for one month in a completely foreign environment.

Spurlock rose to fame as the subject and filmmaker of the documentary Super Size Me, which focused on the growth of the fast-food industry and corporate control of food in our schools.

In Super Size Me, Spurlock ate only McDonald's food, and nothing else, for one month. As the days progressed he became sicker and sicker, and his doctors urged him to stop the experiment or risk doing lasting damage to his body.

FX said that 30 Days has been its highest-rated unscripted series. Viewers tuned in to see cameras follow a Christian living as a Muslim and a conservative heterosexual moving in with a gay man. Spurlock and his fiancée were featured in the pilot episode, where they attempted to live for a month on minimum wage.

In a statement, Spurlock said, "Our first season tackled some of the most important hot-button issues in our country, and I look forward to exploring more compelling issues next season." Then he snuck into the closet and ate a Big Mac.

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