30 Rock, Project Runway, and Fringe

9 p.m., FOX


What's the deal with that bald guy who keeps showing up whenever something important happens? Tonight's episode reveals the story behind the Observer.

9 p.m., NBC

The Office

Michael (Steve Carell) meets with David Wallace (Andy Buckley) and the shareholders in New York while Jim (John Krasinski) deals with an unenthusiastic, unproductive Ryan (B.J. Novak).

9:30 p.m., NBC

30 Rock

Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) tries to make the set of TGS environmentally friendly. Maybe he'll impress guest-star and former Vice President Al Gore ...

Season 6 finale, 10 p.m., LIFETIME

Project Runway

The end of Season 6 is near, and only Althea, Carol Hannah, and Irina remain. The winner will be chosen tonight after after the New York Fashion Week shows in Bryant Park.

11:35 p.m., CBS

Late Show with David Letterman

If Stephen Colbert is Dave's guest, then who is hosting The Colbert Report?

Series premiere, 12 a.m., TBS

The Very Funny Show

Tim Meadows hosts this brand-new late-night showcase for stand-up comedians. It's like having a nightclub in your living room!

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