4400, Arrested guys get new projects

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Executive producers in the television industry are busy, busy people. In keeping a show afloat, producers spend long hours overseeing almost every aspect of a program, including casting, writing, and just about everything else short of catering.

Some EPs are crazy enough to try their hand at juggling two shows, and some--like ABC's Greg Berlanti--are even crazier. Berlanti is currently behind Dirty Sexy Money, Brothers & Sisters, and Eli Stone--a gargantuan workload--and is ready to expand.

Berlanti is teaming up with producer/writer Rene Echevarria (The 4400) to develop The Return, a prospective show for ABC, says Variety. The show falls into Echevarria's expertise, science-fiction, and will show the impact of Earth's first alien visitors when they land on the planet.

Echevarria also wrote for and produced Dark Angel, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Now and Again, and currently works both jobs for Medium.

Another busy man in television today is Mitch Hurwitz, the creator of the beloved Fox comedy Arrested Development. Hurwitz is working on an untitled project for CBS starring American Pie's Jason Biggs, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The comedy will focus on a family that cares a little too much about one another. Sounds kinky.

Hurwitz is also running the show on Sit Down, Shut Up, an animated adaptation of the Australian live-action comedy. Sit Down, Shut Up is expected to debut sometime this midseason.

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