Yesterday brought good news for a pair of USA Network shows. NBC announced that Monk and Psych would make the jump from basic cable to prime-time broadcast television in March, as the network repurposes shows from NBC-owned USA.

Unfortunately, yesterday also brought news for two USA shows that falls way on the other side of the "good/bad" spectrum. It all began with a post on the USA message boards by a user named "SPeters," who claimed to be Scott Peters, creator and executive producer of The 4400. In his post he made the sullen announcement that The 4400 has been canceled, and thanked all the show's fans and crew.

"I just spoke to [star] Joel [Gretsch] and we had a great talk about what we all accomplished and how much we'll miss our family that is our crew and our cast... and our fans," reads the post. "But at least we got to go out with a bang! I had an awesome time directing the last episode. I think I got to make almost every single cast member cry (on camera). How much fun was that?!"

One may balk at the validity of the post, and the fact that the username was created only yesterday and has a history of just that one post probably leads most 4400 fans to believe someone is just pulling their collective leg.

Unfortunately, not only does it look the cancelation is true, but it appears The 4400 isn't alone. TV Guide's Michael Ausiello is reporting that USA is canceling both The 4400 and The Dead Zone. Both sci-fi shows anchored USA's Sunday nights and last aired new episodes in September.

The 4400, about a group of alien abductees who return to Earth, finished its fourth season and developed a loyal fan base. The Dead Zone, based loosely on the Stephen King novel of the same name and starring Anthony Michael Hall, leaves us after six seasons.

The USA Network has not made an official announcement on either show. Requests for comment from parent company NBC Universal were not returned as of press time.

[UPDATE] A USA representative has confirmed to that both shows are not being renewed.