5 Questions with Covert Affairs' Chris Gorham

In tonight’s new episode of Covert Affairs, everyone’s favorite guy spy, Auggie Anderson, heads off to Africa to pop a very important question. Here at TV.com, we had the chance to pop a few questions—exactly five of them, in fact, via email—to actor Christopher Gorham about what’s in store for Auggie this season. Below, Gorham gives us his take on Auggie’s post-Jai headspace, his relationship with Annie, and what it was like working on the delightful, Auggie-centric prequel web series “Sights Unseen.”

1. Auggie has made it clear that he wants to do more work in the field and Joan has, so far, been willing to indulge him. Will that trend continue this season?

As we've seen with Liza Hearn in season one, Auggie doesn't have a problem striking out on his own. You can expect more of that this year. We do see Auggie out of the office more often, and in Episode 5 we find him in a very unexpected spot.

2. In "Sound and Vision," Auggie voiced his allegiance to Joan, while Annie seemed to be more enthusiastic about following Lena's lead. Will Annie and Auggie's conflicting loyalties impact their work or personal relationship in the future?

Any time Annie and Auggie find themselves on opposite sides of anything there are going to be problems. These two have grown to depend on each other and one of the themes we're exploring this year is what happens when you're rocked from your foundation. It's unsettling to the characters, to say the least, but it makes for some great TV.

3. Also in "Sound and Vision," Annie asked Auggie if his decision to propose to Parker was motivated by Jai's death, which he seemed to confirm. Do you think he's being impulsive, and if so, are there other areas of his life that he might similarly be mishandling due to the shock of Jai's murder?

He is being impulsive, but impulsiveness isn't always a bad thing. Auggie loves Parker, and he desperately needs stability right now. He sees her as a way to have that solidity he feels he's missing. I think he honestly wants to, and believes he can, make that relationship work. Of course, it takes two to tango.

4. What has your experience been working on the Auggie-centric web series "Sights Unseen," and do you see any future interactive adventures for Auggie?

I had a blast working on "Sights Unseen." It's the biggest directing project I've had, to date, and I made sure to add a lot of little details for the Auggie fans. The episodes take place about a year before Covert Affairs begins, shortly after Auggie's been promoted to his current position. And we were able to shoot much of it in Barcelona, of course, which is pretty unheard of for web content. I'm thrilled with how it turned out.

5. And finally, the eternal obligatory question: Is there a future for the Annie/Auggie 'ship? Or would it just be too weird?

The Annie/Auggie relationship is the heart and soul of the show! I really like how we're developing the connection between the two of them and I think this season will, pretty clearly, lay out how Annie and Auggie would like things to go. Of course, best laid plans...

You tease, Mr. Gorham, you tease. Covert Affairs airs Tuesdays at 10pm on USA Network.

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Jul 25, 2012
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