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5 TV Couples We'd Like to See Have a Sequel Spin-off Like Girl Meets World

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It's been 14 years since Mr. Feeny dismissed Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric for the last time on Boy Meets World (I'll wait while your panic attack subsides). On Friday, a new generation of fans will begin their own journey when Girl Meets World, the highly-anticipated sequel featuring Cory and Topanga's daughter Riley, debuts on the Disney Channel. Which got me thinking: What if some of our other favorite TV couples had children and what if they had their own shows? What would those shows look like and what would our favorite characters be like as adults? Naturally, I had to find out.

Pacey Witter and Joey Potter, Dawson's Creek

Pacey and Joey's courtship was more than a little bumpy throughout Dawson's six seasons, but they still stand as the pinnacle of true love for an entire generation (dude, he bought her a wall). In Lilian's Waythey have two children—Lilian, named after Joey's mother, and her little brother Ben. Intelligent and witty, Lilian is precocious and Ben has a thing for boats and loves very loud, printed button-up shirts. The family resides in New York City, but still spends plenty of time in Capeside (and the Ice House) visiting with Doug and Jack and Bessie and Bodie. During the summer they take trips to LA to hang out with Dawson, because otherwise he's likely to make this face forever. 

Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts, The OC

Seth and Summer were a perfect example of opposites attracting, and after four sometimes messy seasons, they married in the series finale of The OC. The couple waited to have children, however, until Seth's younger sister Sophie was a little older. Together with their twins Parker and Luke, Seth and Summer live in Manhattan Beach, California where Seth is a successful comic book artist and Summer leads a non-profit organization. They still spend every other weekend with Ryan and Taylor (who have adopted a child of their own) and live nearby. Sandy and Kirsten visit during holidays like Chrismukkah and much to everyone's delight, neither of the twins inherited Sandy's eyebrows. Parker and Luke's adventures are chronicled in Manhattan Beach, where despite being complete opposites, they enjoy sailing, surfing, the musical stylings of Benjamin Gibbard, and avoiding any and everyone named Oliver.

Amy Pond and Rory Williams, Doctor Who

Yeah, yeah, so they already have a pretty fierce daughter and Amy was rendered infertile as a result of what happened to her at Demon's Run, but if Steven Moffat can do whatever he wants and say it works because time travel, then surely I'm allowed to imagine a world in which Amy and Rory have a few more little gingers running around in addition to the son they adopted in 1946. After they were sent back in time by the Weeping Angel, the couple settled in New York City where Amy is an author and Rory eventually becomes a doctor (the medical kind, not the time-traveling kind). In The Ponds, they adopt Anthony, as well as a little boy named John Williams and little girl named Octavia Williams. The children are raised on tales of faraway planets and galaxies, enjoy fish fingers and custard, and look forward to visits from their strange relative River Song, who always calls them sweetie and brings them presents 100 percent not suitable for children.

Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars

After spending nine years apart, Veronica returned to Neptune to run Mars Investigations and Logan and Veronica reconciled meaning that everything was once again right in the world. The couple waited until Logan was discharged from the Navy to have children, but now they have two daughters—Lily and Lynn—who are petite, blonde, and way too sarcastic for their own good. Solving mysterious cases in middle school, they're always getting into trouble in Neptune. Their parents are very overprotective and only trust them with Grandpa Keith, who has mostly retired and now proudly showcases his #1 Grandpa mug, despite saying he's not old enough for grandchildren. He also still insists on asking, "Who's your daddy?" even though it's kind of creepy now. And speaking of creepy, the girls are forbidden from spending any time with Dick for obvious reasons.

Michael Guerin and Maria DeLuca, Roswell

Having already faced more than their fare share of drama as teenagers, Michael and Maria eventually settled into a good rhythm after the gang escaped the dangers of Roswell. Married and living without fear of being discovered in an undisclosed location in the U.S., they now have three alien/human hybrid children named Alex (obviously), Jamie, and Maya. In 285 South, their powers have recently surfaced, and no one knows for sure what they're capable of, let alone how to teach them control. Like most siblings, they spend a lot of time arguing like their parents, but they have a passion for music, which Maria still dabbles in, and they naturally have to put Tabasco Sauce on most foods. They see Max and Liz and are close with their children, but like most of the world, they have lost touch with Isabel. They see Kyle every once in awhile when they're up in New York, but they keep mostly to themselves for protection. Of course, young aliens discovering their powers will not be denied and the trio often find themselves in a world of trouble.

What TV couples would you like to see get their own spin-off sequels?

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