A 24 Movie is On the Clock

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... Jack Bauer's European Vacation may be coming to a big-screen near you. Twentieth Century Fox is ga-ga over a new script that would see the 24 legend head across the pond, eat some Schnitzel, wear a beret, and drive a tiny scooter. 24 has always been considered for a film adaptation, but this is the closest it's ever gotten. Let's hope they do it justice and make it a 24-hour-long movie. [Variety]

... A day after Zach Gilford's post-Friday Night Lights plans were revealed, costar Minka Kelly—who is dating the luckiest bastard in the world—has a new job. She'll go from sweet, good-hearted Lyla Garrity to the sweet, good-hearted Kate on CBS' comedy True Love, which sounds like a clone of How I Met Your Mother. Minka was previously attached to the CW pilot Body Politic, but that show exploded in a fiery wreck. [THR]

... Chuck will go out with a two-hour series season finale on May 24. At least, we hope it's just a season finale, right? [Zap2It]

... More Chuck! Christopher Lloyd, of Taxi, Back to the Future, and Baby Geniuses fame, will join the list of impressive guest stars for the spy comedy when he plays Chuck's therapist in an episode slated to air sometime in April or May. [EW.com]

... David Letterman is trying to kill his staff. Senor Gap Tooth was clowning around with his coworkers while waiting for New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, and tossed a football to stage manager Biff Henderson. Biff caught it, but tumbled into the audience and went to the hospital to check on his knee. Biff was immediately drafted by the Raiders. [NY Daily News]

... Melrose Place may not be coming back. Surprising, I know. The low-rated show that pretty much sucks all the way around is rumored to not be on the network's "To Renew" list, according to a bloated, worthless, bottom feeding, jerk-head. [Perez Hilton]

... Heroes signed off for life the season last night with a viewership of 4.4 million, more than last week, but much less than its glory days. Is that enough to get Heroes renewed? At this point, I think I speak for everyone except for that one girl with the "Milo is my Hero" shirt when I say, "God I hope not." [digital spy]

... And things are even worse for SyFy's Caprica, which was only watched by 1.128 million viewers last Friday. The ratings look even more pathetic with a .4 in adults. I know this is SyFy, but them's ugly numbers. [TV By the Numbers]

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