A Big Love Fanatic Answers Our Questions About the Series Finale

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Last night, HBO aired the final episode of Big Love, a sprawling soap set in the world of Mormon polygamists. Seeing as I know next-to-nothing about the show, I decided to approach someone who does—a Big Love diehard—to discuss how the series ended. Let’s just call him Greg (because that’s his name). And a word of warning: a huge spoiler is revealed below, so if you haven’t watched the episode yet, do not read this!

TV.com: How does Big Love's finale compare to other HBO series finales?
Big Love-fan Greg: Six Feet Under is the gold-standard. No others can compare. The best you can hope for is to not pull a Mork & Mindy. Big Love had all these things going on and they kept piling on the problems throughout the last season, but it all ended randomly. The strength of the show has always been the wives so I liked that, in order for them to reach their full potential, their husband [GIANT SPOILER ALERT] died over sod.

Rank the wives in any way you like.
How about F*ck, Marry, Kill? Kill Nikki because she's a compulsive liar and a prude so you can't trust her or have any fun with her in bed, marry Margene because she's just pleasant to be around. She always sees the positive. And f*ck Barb just because she's a hot cougar.

Did Big Love change your perception of polyamorous relationships?
No. I am, and always have been, a fervent supporter or group relationships.

Awwwwww yeah! Bow chicka wow wow...

Were there any story lines left dangling in the finale?
Yes! What became of crazy, scheming Rhonda? Did Wanda snap out of her insanity? Was Joey forced to live a life on the run after chopping off Hollis's arm? What happened to Bill's baby with Ana? And most importantly, what was Bill writing in his penultimate scene???

Wow. That's a lot of dangling stumps...I mean plots. Finally, what was your single favorite moment from the series?
There have been many, but for me, the most iconic was the death of a supporting character, Kathy Marquart. As she's escaping from the prophet, she hops into a truck and gets her braid caught in the window. As the prophet rams her truck, she hits a ditch and snaps her neck, killing her instantly.

I hate when that happens. Thanks, Greg!
You’re very welcome.

What about you? Are you a Big Love fan with something to say about the show or the series finale? Say it in the comments! Also, here’s a making-of featurette on the show’s shocking final twist.

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