A Bones Spinoff May Happen

... Fox is developing a spinoff of Bones! OMG! Show creator Hart Hanson would mastermind the spinoff, which will focus on the yet-to-be-introduced character Walter Sherman, aka "The Locator," who knows Booth from previous work. The idea would be to introduce Walter in an episode of Bones later this year and then start the new series the following season. Do YOU like this idea, Bones fans? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Battlestar Galactica is no stranger to spinoffs, standalone movies, and prequels, and is expanding its universe with Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. The series will begin with a two-hour pilot and follow William Adama in his 20s. Oh boy do you think Edward James Olmos will play him? [Syfy via press release]

... Fox has ordered two more scripts of Human Target, a good sign for the action series. CBS has also ordered two more episodes of Rules of Engagement, a bad sign for everything else. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Hulu Plus, Hulu's plan to shake all the loose change out of our pockets for something that should already be free, bombed. Even though Hulu said demand was wayyyyy high. The company tried to charge $10 for the service, which opens up the library of online television episodes and has other perks, but is now considering cutting that price in half. I still won't pay that. Nice try though! [Media Memo]

... The Wire's Gbenga Akinnagbe (you remember him as the gunman Chris who hung with Snoop) is joining Showtime's Nurse Jackie. He'll play a temp nurse for a minimum of seven episodes. From Baltimore gangster thug to male nurse... nice one. [EW]

.. Lone Star creator Kyle Killen still thinks his show has a chance at surviving even though it was canceled two episodes into its run. He's hoping he can sell it somewhere else, just as Southland was rescued from cancellation by TNT. Good luck there, kiddo. [Wall Street Journal]

... Kristen Davis of Sex and the City fame will star in a new NBC sitcom called The Happiness Project, which is based on a book of the same name. Davis will play the lead, a woman who goes on a quest to become a happier person. OMG that is sooooo Charlotte! [The Live Feed]

... And finally, the coolest news ever: Jeremy Davies, the genius who played the genius Daniel Faraday in Lost, has joined the cast of FX's Justified. *picks jaw up from floor* Davies will play Dickie Bennett, a longtime rival to Raylan. Oh my gawd I feel like screaming like a teenage girl. [The Live Feed]

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