A bummer of a summer for CBS

It's a reality show summer, and while the other four big networks are thriving, CBS's slate of new reality shows is not doing well in the ratings.

Fire Me, Please is similar to The Apprentice, but instead of trying to be hired, these contestants try to get fired. The Cut: Tommy Hilfiger is like a cross between Project Runway and The Apprentice, with fashion guru Tommy Hilfiger playing the Donald Trump part.

Maybe CBS should stop taking cues from The Apprentice, which itself was down 20 percent in the ratings this past season.

The other networks are a different story entirely. ABC has a bona fide hit in Dancing with the Stars, and NBC is doing well with Hit Me Baby One More Time. Fox is cooking up some good ratings in Hell's Kitchen with culinary bulldog Gordon Ramsey, and over on The WB, the Ashton Kutcher-produced Beauty and the Geek is scoring major points with both beauties and geeks (well, mainly geeks).

Worry not, CBS: CSI reruns are on the way!

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