A Charlie's Angels Update Means Bad Things for Us All

...Oh lordy. As if those two bizarre McG movies weren't enough, ABC looks to be going full steam ahead with a modern TV update of kitschy '70s crime-fighting show Charlie's Angels. It's going to be written by the guy who did Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, so that's vaguely promising. But still. Really, guys? Remember when Bionic Woman totally tanked? This will be that. Only worse. [Variety]

...The hilarious if often poorly-used Jeffrey Tambor has joined the cast of that NBC pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, that thing about a lawyer staring David Tennant. Tambor will play Rex's psychiatrist, who also starts dating his mom. Quirky! And Tambor-esque! [THR]

...The Jay Leno 10pm disaster ripple effect continues apace. For the first time ever, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson straight up beat its NBC competition, in this case Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, in the 18-49 demo. NBC's entire late-night setup is failing them, most likely because of dead-weight 10pm anchor Leno. I think this whole experiment just went boom, eh? [Variety]

...Hey, you know what would be a really interesting series? A show about doctors. I mean, it's never been done before! What fascinating, uncharted territory. Oh, and what about a show about young, sexy people? And what if we combined the two. OMG, someone should do that. Oh, look! Someone is! The CW is developing a series called HMS, that is not about a Pinafore as one might believe, but is in fact about Harvard Medical School. And just in case that doesn't sound promising enough, Hayden Panettiere is producing. So. Clear your DVR queue. [THR]

...Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid. Oh, now, don't get mad. It's just the name of a new show co-created by essayist and Samantha Who? writer Jenny Lee. ABC will develop the series, which is about a failed marriage trying to restart itself. So kinda boring premise. But we like the title! [Variety]

...An Eastwick exec-producer who recently said she was "furious" about the show's cancellation has retracted her words and said that she's not mad at ABC, just sad. She added, "Heh heh heh, so... please give me another series ABC? I'll play nice!" [EW]

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