A CSI Star Is Hanging Up the Ol' Windbreaker

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... Actress Melina Kanakaredes is calling it quits from CSI: New York. Kanakaredes, who plays Detective Stella Bonasera and has been on the show since its onset, is leaving to spend more time with her family. Well, that's the fairytale-ending story, anyway. Others say the new contract she was offered wasn't up to snuff. [EW]

... Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. ABC has renewed freshman drama Rookie Blue for a second season, making it that rare exception to the rule that states summer programming is where shows go to die. The question is whether this show was worthy of a second season or summer programming really is THAT bad. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Following her successful stint on ABC's Dancing With the Stars, ESPN analyst and hottie Erin Andrews could do anything she wanted to. And for the most part, she's going to be doing the same thing she was doing before. Andrews will be an integral part of ESPN's College GameDay and add the title of part-time host to her resume. She'll also provide segments for ABC's Good Morning America, where she can be drooled over by people who aren't University of Tennessee undergrads. [USA Today]

... Tila Tequila has either been kicked off or withdrawn from Celebrity Rehab. It's kind of hard to tell from this article's choice of words. That's all. [Radar Online]

... Andrew Royo, who played the lovable crackhead Bubbles on The Wire, will be guest-starring in the season premiere of Fringe. Royo will play a cab driver who has a run-in with Olivia. [EW]

... Are you 13 years old? Are you also a girl? Then have I got news for you! Joe Jonas is guest starring on Hot in Cleveland! Hopefully he'll hook up with the ultimate cougar, Betty White. [EW]

... We're all really glad Futurama is back, but apparently we aren't all watching it. The show has seen its numbers drop from 2.9 million viewers for the premiere to 2 million for Episode 4. I'm no mathmaticistician, but that's not a very good sign. [The Live Feed]

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