A Firefly Reunion Photo Means...?

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... What happens when Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, and Alan Tudyk take a weird picture together? The nerdverse explodes with thoughts and hopes of some sort of Firefly reunion. And then the jocks make fun of them. It's just a photo, guys. [SciFi Wire]

... With cable television so strong, it's a wonder this didn't happen earlier. Late-night audiences, especially the younger demographic that advertisers love so much, are dwindling faster than ever. Both Jay Leno and David Letterman are watching their audiences shrink, and honestly, I have no idea why people never saw this coming. Young kids these days have their Faceybooks, and their Twitterers, and their vidya games... why would I watch some old dude with a huge chin when I can totally pwn some n00bs on the Favela map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's Ground War mode with the grenade launcher attachment on my SCAR-H and the Danger Close perk? I'm not a nerd, you're a nerd. [NY Times]

... TV Land's first original scripted series is getting another 20 episodes. Hot in Cleveland, starring Betty White, has been granted a second season based on its good performance so far. The comedy has averaged 4.7 million viewers, according to the network, which is pretty darned impressive. [TV Land via press release]

... ABC has announced the premiere dates for its fall shows, kicking things off on September 20 with Dancing With the Stars. That whole week will be premiere week for several of its shows, save for the series premiere of No Ordinary Family, which debuts the following Tuesday. Hit the link for the entire list. [Deadline Hollywood]

... One of ABC's new shows, Detroit 187, is changing up its format. The cop show was originally planned as a mockumentary, but is thankfully ditching the gimmick. Good move, ABC. We already have too much fake footage on TV right now. [Vulture Blog]

... Who wants to be a millionaire? These guys who sued Disney! Celador International, the independent production company behind Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, successfully sued the pants off of the Walt Disney Co. for $270 million dollars over profits lost from the hit show. Celador claims ABC (owned by Disney) and Buena Vista Television did some crafty accounting to cheat Celador out of a piece of the pie. [THR]

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