A Heartfelt (and Maybe Not Totally Permanent, Who Even Knows? Life Works in Mysterious Ways) Goodbye

To all my friends and family here at TV.com, including bots and ghosts:

Hey you guys, how's it going? Is your 2013 shaping up to be everything— Okay I'm stalling. You got me. I was stalling and you got me. It's only because this is the hardest piece I've ever had to write and I have photo-recapped LIFETIME MOVIES. I know pain, you guys, but none of those late nights compares to this moment.

So, anyway, yeah. I'm leaving TV.com.

The simple explanation is actually very exciting and theoretically SHOULD undercut the weird heaviness I'm feeling right now while typing this: I am currently working on an animated comedy pilot (I know, I know, Old Man Hollywood's gone crazy!). But until this thing is finished, I just don't have the stamina or fortitude for all-night recapping sessions, at least not right now. I am looking into having my brain transferred into a cybernetic body in which case problem solved, but as of this moment, that option seems too expensive. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, it's time for me to take one of those terrifying leaps that tons of grown-ups do all the time like it's no big deal and just grab an exciting opportunity and hold it close. You know what I mean? I really hope you do.

Look, I don't want to turn this into some big self-aggrandizing farewell, especially because I know that doing so would basically DARE the universe to take back all the good fortune it's given me lately. But I want to say that TV.com has been the source of almost all my joy for several years running now. I cannot believe the things I've experienced here: the motivation-bolstering thrill of instant feedback from super smart readers, the opportunities to meet (or let's be real, Tweet at) some of my creative heroes, the legitimately warm and effortlessly cool colleagues who have allowed me to find my voice (ugh, 'my voice') on company time and on a such a wide stage. This has been the greatest job of my life by far and oh jeez I'm crying right now LOOK AWAY PLS SORRY

I hope I'm not being too naive. I could very easily just fall flat on my face and be back here before The Vampire Diaries' Season 4 finale (in which Elena grows angel wings and Jeremy mud wrestles his own doppelganger). I just don't know very much about what the future holds! Only that for now it's time to step away.

Thank you expecially to my friends Tim Surette and Jen Trolio, two of the greatest people I know, for everything. (Jen pls make sure all my grammar is correct here one last time? Thx)

And thank you all for reading and being so nice to me. Sincerely.

I really love you guys.

Price P.

P.S. If you ever get curious about me or my life choices, my Twitter handle is @pricepeterson. If I ever return to recapping (or decide to do any just-for-fun one-offs, which, who knows, I DO have mental probs like that), that's probably where you'll hear about it first.

And for the record, an updated list of all my proper photo recaps is here.



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