A Male View? Yeah That'll Work

... Barbara Walters is bat-s*** crazy. She's developing a new daytime talk show similar to The View, but with one major difference: It will be aimed at men. Technically, the show is going after both sexes by being unisex, but c'mon. This isn't going to work. Men don't want to talk. We just want a sandwich and some peace and quiet. [NY Daily News]

... It's Dancing With the Stars scuttlebutt time, and the name leading the list of rumored rhumba-ers is sloppy burger eater David Hasselhoff. This is a great move for the Hoff, as he's exited the laughing stock stage of his career and is right in the thick of the feel-sorry-for-him stage of his career. Also rumored to be on this year's DWTS roster is Jersey Shore's The Situation, The Hills' Audrina Patridge, and... Michael Bolton. Now that's some A-list talent. [MSNBC]

... Life imitated art yesterday as Sons of Anarchy star Mark Boone Jr., who plays Bobby on the FX drama, got into a tussle with a cop in Glendale, California. Boone was pulled over for a routine stop when he apparently made things personal. This is the perfect way to promote the show's third season, which premieres in just a few weeks. SAMCRO! [E! Online]

... Glee is going to run out of songs soon. They're asking every single person in the world if they can use their songs, and most are saying "Sure why not, just pay me." The latest to do so is Billy Joel, who already lent his song "Piano Man" to the overrated popular show. Hopefully Kurt can do "Uptown Girl." [Access Hollywood]

... Stephanie Jacobsen, who is kind of really hot if you look at her from the right angle and the sun is in the perfect position in the sky, has landed a regular gig on Syfy's upcoming superhero drama Three Inches. The Battlestar Galactica and Melrose Place vet will play a woman with the power to shape people's emotions. Torchwood's Naoko Mori has also joined the show as a woman who can replicate any sound she hears. This follows yesterday's announcement that Buffy's James Marsters will also headline Three Inches. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Party Down creator Rob Thomas is back on his feet with a new pilot for NBC. Temps will follow recent college graduates who take unusual temp jobs to pay the bills. In other words, it's Party Down without the food. [Variety]

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